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I bet you've been wondering what all our "big news" posts and teasers have been about. Well here it is...its been 5 years and we're leaving. Don't panic... we're just leaving the East Side Center. 5 years ago when we opened our office, we were 2 Carroll County transplants who begged Brock's younger sister to work for us for free. Fast forward 5 years and we now have 2 rockstar employees that help us meet our goals and patient needs every single day and we have officially outgrown our current space. Our current office has a small waiting room and an open hallway that can get very loud in the midst of insurance phone calls, patients checking in and out and heaven forbid Steele be in a bad mood in the middle of it. It has been time to move on for quite some time, but to where???

The Court Square. We're moving in to Dr. Scarbrough's office right next to the Court Theatre! Dr. Brock and I have always said how great it would be to be downtown and have our business be even more connected with the city and God certainly heard our thoughts. The new office will offer our patients even better privacy and has the potential for many new ideas to be implemented in the future. (And let's just be honest... Who wouldn't want to have all that popcorn just next door?!🍿) It's bittersweet that we leave behind our East Main Street office, but we couldn't be more excited for this wonderful opportunity. Local artist, Scott Smith is putting his creative genius effort into making our new sign and our new location will be opening July 3 at 8am. We can't wait to see you there! Stay tuned for more information about our Grand Re-Opening at a later date. -Dr. Krista

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