Why Sports Chiropractic?

Sports have always been my passion. From a young age my life revolved around anything that bounced, rolled, or could be hit. During my athletic care I was blessed with very few sports related injuries. I can not say the same though for fellow teammates and opposing players. As I began my chiropractic career I was able to discover a profession that not only could help return the athlete to the field sooner than other modalities but I also found a profession that can prevent many of the common injuries in the first place. During this period, my passion changed from playing those sports to helping an athlete return back to the optimal levels as soon as possible. Two years ago, I was able to listen to a lecture from Dr. Bill Moreau who is the Chief Medical Director for the USA Olympics. It turns out, Dr. Bill is a chiropractor and helped create a specific certification for the sports minded physicians called the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP). After listening to his presentation of how he is managing the world’s best athletes with conservative care as the first line of defense, I knew I had to participate in this program. The course covered a spectrum including on the field assessment of concussions, spine boarding an injury, extremity fracture management, and even advanced treatment options of common athletic injuries such as AC shoulder separation, ankle injuries, knee injuries and wrist injuries to name a few. This training allows a physician to be well prepared for anything that might happen on a sideline or within a clinic regarding a sports injury. It has allowed me numerous opportunities already within sports medicine world including being the on field/traveling chiropractor for Bethel University. It is great feeling to witness the flood of student athletes heading toward your table when you set up at a hotel for an away game. It will never get old to hear “Doc, after treatment each week I feel as though I run faster and react quicker to plays on the field.” That statement is why chiropractic is an essential part of your team. In a world where the teams are equal on paper; the one with that makes the least mistakes and has the fewest biomechanical errors will win nearly every time. Chiropractic cannot help the mistakes on the field but it certainly can make sure your team or student athlete can have the fewest biomechanical flaws on any given day. Why do you need a chiropractor as a major part of your sports medicine team? It is simple. If you are looking for less surgeries and less drugs then a chiropractic physician is your answer. Chiropractic is the most utilized service at the USA Training Center and Olympic Games. If chiropractic is the gold standard for Olympic athletes, how much better could you perform by adding chiropractic into your training regimen?

- Dr. Brock

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