Your Sport. Your Recovery. Your Way.

Spring is almost here, and it's time for spring cleaning, fresh air, spring sports, and finally starting that exercise routine ( you know, the one you said you were going to commit to... but then there was a big snow... so you quit...but you'll start back when the weather is nice...) No matter what sport you're choosing to commit to, you've likely experienced the pain of starting the new routine. You just started crossfit and your whole body aches... your arm gets sore after throwing the baseball... it was long run day, and you can barely walk afterwards. We've all experienced it.... but how can we come back faster and stronger? Recovery.

Recovery is the most important part of any sport, any training, or any exercise. Properly recovering allows your body to heal itself and prepare for your next training. If you properly recover, you will improve your performance and decrease your risk of injury. These benefits allow you to attain new goals and personal bests in your sport.

Speaking of the best in your sport... we wouldn't want to give away any recovery secrets from McKenzie's very own 10 time World Champion Triathlete, but...

We've bundled together some of the most sought after recovery options and brought them right here to Huntingdon. Normatec Recovery Boots for the legs and arms (like Kirsten), trigger point and cupping therapy, Hypervolt vibration massage, RockTape and deep tissue laser therapy. Choosing to recover from your sport in our office means it's your recovery, your way because you have access to any of the options whenever you need it.

This Saturday, March 13th, from 10am-2pm, we're hosting a free Sports Recovery Day. Not only can you come and try out all of our recovery options at no charge, but you'll also be able to try top of the line electrolyte drinks and post-workout smoothies. We're giving away some cool swag including t-shirts, water bottles, and even $100 Fleet Feet Gift Card. This is an open house style event, so drop by at your convenience. Try one, try them all, or just come for the party- we don't mind! Be sure to reserve your "tickets" here:


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